The #ClubSmile points program wants to reward all loyal customers who shop at our online shop.

What does the loyalty programme consist of?

The #ClubSmile reward is to accumulate 5% of the value of all your orders in vienty.es to be able to enjoy this accumulated money in future purchases.

"Vienty" will be able to check the identity of any person affiliated to the points programme and registered on the website in relation to the programme (their purchases, exchanges, returns as well as the accumulation or redemption of rewards).

The user must always log in to their account with their user credentials and password in order to manage their rewards. You can see it in the following section: MY REWARDS

How do I accumulate rewards?

Antes de nada, será imprescindible que el usuario se registre en la web de Vienty First of all, it is mandatory for the user to register on the Vienty website to be able to place an order. Once you have placed your order, you will be able to see how you have accumulated 5% of the final value of the order.

This value will appear in your rewards account and cannot be redeemed until 30 days after receipt of each order. Please note that if the order that generated this reward is returned, the reward will also disappear.

This reward has an expiry date of 6 months from the day of accumulation and once this period has elapsed, if it has not been redeemed on future purchases, it will be automatically deactivated.

How to use the rewards?

When a user wishes to redeem their reward they must do so during the purchase process, adding the reward before payment. It is important to note that you can never accumulate rewards or discounts that exceed 50% of the value of the product you are going to buy. In addition, a minimum order of €50 is required to apply the rewards.