How much are the general shipping costs?

  • Shipping to SPAIN (Mainland): 4.90€
  • BALEARIC ISLANDS (Mallorca): 4,90 €
  • BALEARIC ISLANDS (Ibiza,Menorca,Formentera or Cabrera): 6,90 €
  • CANARY ISLANDS: We do not ship at the moment.
  • PORTUGAL: 4,90 €
  • OTHER EU COUNTRIES: We do not ship at the moment.


Currently from a purchase over 30 € if you live in the Spain Mainland, we offer FREE SHIPPING for Spain mainland. It is great. Isn't it ?

Spain Mainland
Free shipping in orders over 30€

If you do not exceed 30 euros in your purchase, the shipping costs for Spain Mainland will be 4.90€.

If you live in Balearic Islands (Mallorca), the shipping costs will be 4,90 € , if you live in Balearic Islands (Ibiza,Menorca,Formentera o Cabrera) the shipping costs will be 6,90 € and you can still enjoy your Vienty shoes.

If you live in the Canary Islands, unfortunately, we cannot deliver our shoes to you as we do not ship to such a beloved paradise ☹. We understand that you are fed up with the same situation and we hope to be able to solve it in the future.

Balearic Islands (Mallorca) + 4,90€ shipping cost
Balearic Islands (Minor Islands) + 6,90€ shipping cost
Canary Islands We don't ship but we work on it!

If you live in Portugal the shipping costs will be 4.90€.

If you live in France,Italy,Germany or United Kingdom you are in luck because we recently sent our products to these countries Free shipping in orders over 50€. If you do not exceed 50 euros in your purchase, the shipping costs  will be 15.

I can't wait to receive my order, how long will it take?

Very little, indeed. We are also looking forward to receiving your order and enjoying your shoes as soon as possible. You will receive your order at 1-2 working days. Here is a table where you can easily see when you will receive your order online.

Orders before 4PM Orders after 4PM
Monday - Wedenesday Delivery next day Delivery in 2 days
Thursday Delivery Friday Delivery Monday
Frriday Delivery Monday Delivery Tuesday
Saturday - Sunday Delivery Tuesday Delivery Tuesday

And what a delivery schedule you have, I'm never usually home....

Well, don't worry, because you can select a collection point that suits you on a very long schedule. There are many collections store points throughout Spain. And this does not have any extra cost either. Noop, none, zero. Yeah, again, that's great.

Can I place a gift order?

Of course I do. The good things must be shared with our loved ones and we will enjoy as much as you the illusion of making a good gift. When ordering, indicate that it is a gift and tell us if you want us to send a message. Don't worry, we won't include an invoice.

(*) The conditions of shipping promotions may change as advertised in the content of the website.