Vienty Smile Walking
Care, personality and passion

Shoes made with care and personality for women who are passionate about life and love each other a thousand times over.

Know how to find the difference in the smallest details, to feel that your steps will leave their mark on the path of the people you meet throughout your life.

Put your heart into it and love yourself a lot, work on your self-esteem and confidence. Bring out your most daring, funny and a bit cheeky side. To be able to do anything to achieve everything you set your mind to.

Vienty Smile Walking
Self-confidence is the basis for feeling comfortable with your own style.
Vienty Smile Walking

That's what a Vienty woman is all about: care, personality and passion as a philosophy of life that carries her best smile as a living model.

This is how we design each one of our shoes made in Spain. Trendy and fashionable creations, with the maximum comfort and with our own personality and identity, just like you.

Every design is created with that love and care so necessary... thinking about you, about how you will feel when you wear it, when you take each step and say "I love to look at me and it makes me so happy".
Whatever you wear, whatever you do, do it with passion.
And finally, the passion that unites us all. Not only the passion for fashion, but the passion to enjoy ourselves, to be happy, to dare to take risks, to love, to succeed and also to fail. Because even from our mistakes we will learn to love ourselves a little bit more.
Because that's who we are, my friend, warriors. You are a warrior in her favourite heels who transforms into a 21st century Goddess. A woman who doesn't wait for anyone to ask her to dance or give her flowers because she loves to choose her favourite flowers for herself and to choose that special song that makes her dance on her own.
Your smile is your best complement
Vienty Smile Walking

This is the SMILE WALKING THERAPY, the philosophy that unites all of us.

To love yourself is revolutionary! And hopefully we can become the mirror in which future generations of women can look at themselves, so they can continue walking with self-love, bringing out the goddess in them and putting passion in everything they do to achieve a better world. Real women, like you.