Vienty Smile Walking
Vienty Smile Walking


Vienty Smile Walking is evolution – our own evolution. We add ‘Therapy’ because it is a therapy to us, professional but also personal, built on values that are important to us and are the foundations of our work.


We are lifelong shoemakers, for several generations. It all began at grandpa's workshop. The third generation (meaning us) incorporated technology, training, willingness… and the workshop became industry.
We put a lot of effort and love in what we did and, in order to seal that love, we decided to have a ‘child’. A ‘child’ that could reflect our essence. VIENTY was created within our essence: CARE, CHARACTER AND PASSION. This might be familiar to those who already know us.
To be honest, I must say that, for some time, we did not take the time our ‘child’ demanded, although we always treated ‘him’ with care. Life itself.
Then, the crisis came, the family grew and so problems. Life pace speeded up. So one day, we realised that, although we maintained that care, that character and that passion that identified us, we no longer smiled. Our body said ‘STOP’ and our mind too.
We decided to change, evolve, take up control of our lives. .
Rely our lives on some fundamental pillars:
BALANCE in all aspects of our lives.
– Care and HEALTH of our MIND and our BODY.
– We stopped watching our lives pass by and decided to make objective decisions from our KNOWLEDGE..
– We decided not to forget to SMILE always, whatever we do.
Vienty Claim
VIENTY SMILE WALKING was born from this personal change. We realised that those ‘vital values’ can be applied to our work.
We decided it was important to keep in mind some skills we call “TIPS”that bring comfort and take care of our clients’ health. We wanted to put as much of that as possible on our designs.
We decided it was also important to let our clients know which skills or tips the items include and what benefits they can provide at any time.
What for? So that, from our knowledge, based on the state of our feet, the needs we have and the use we are going to make of the shoe, we make the right decision. Based on BALANCE , which is very important. It might be easier to always make wide shoe trees or 3-cm shoes but, does balance not make life healthier and more beautiful?
Oh, we also decided to work and create with a smile! That is where the name comes from in order to make us happier and that is reflected in our shoes in order to make you smile too.


As a pre-requirement, all our Vienty SMILE WALKING models include a minimum of 5 TIPS. These are the TIPS which we currently work with in order to take care of the health of your feet.
This innovative material provides comfort and keeps the feet dry, in addition to having an antibacterial treatment. It is breathable, absorbent and anti-allergic.
Antibacteria Lining
Gel Insole
The use of gel insoles is specifically recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists for the maintenance and care of our feet. Gel insoles provide not only comfort but health to our feet, avoiding potential injuries and future problems.
Nickel is a component that has been considered to trigger allergic reactions for decades. For this reason, at Vienty, we NEVER use buckles or adornments that incorporate this component, since it is one of the most frequent causes of dermatitis.
Nickel Free
Breathable Materials
Our shoes allow feet to breathe better thanks to breathable materials. This also helps regulate humidity, reduces the appearance of bacteria and fungi and eliminates bad odour on the feet.
Many researches advise that the ideal height is between 0.785 and 1.97 inches, since the weight is distributed equally between the forefoot and the heel.
Healthy Heel Height
Non-Slip Sole
Stepping strong and safe makes everything much easier. When the shoe sole grips the ground on each step, it prevents us from slipping and wobbling.
Whenever possible, we add extra comfort thanks to the incorporation of an anatomical insole in our designs. This insole provides more support on the sole of the foot. This generates a very pleasant feeling, reduces tiredness and improves blood flow.
Plantilla Anatómica
Skin Cut
We promote the use of leather in footwear, both for being healthier for our feet and for the durability that, with a good care, they guarantee over time.
When we walk, our feet must feel comfortable and therefore, they must be attached to the foot so that it does not ‘surf’, although we must not fall into tightening them too much, since this can provoke chafing and damage the foot.
Excellent suppot of the foot
Made in Spain
All our products are manufactured entirely in Spain, in our own facilities. This is important for us not only because it allows us a proper quality control, but it also ensures that we are working in an ethical and honest environment.
All our designs are in line with market trends. But, when they are the latest trend, the newest one, we will let you know. Because whenever it matches your personality and style it will definitely make you feel even prettier. And, is that not healthy?
Latest Trend
As you already know, we are professionals and we love this world. This is why we constantly work and research to add more and more TIPS that add health to your feet... and your smile!